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Zeev Goldansky- Agent at MG Sports Management

Provide Athletes Representation Services and Athletic Highlights Video Clips production.

About Zeev Goldansky:

Zeev Goldansky, the founder of MG Sports Management, is a former professional basketball Player.  Zeev has leveraged his knowledge of the game to help professional basketball players to find the best professional playing situations in basketball teams in the highest levels around the world. Zeev has a great network connection all over the world that was established during the years as a sports agent.

Zeev is a high achieving professional. As a small business owner, Zeev has honed his negotiating skills to the point where it has become second nature. Zeev's interpersonal skills allow him to connect quickly with his clients and ascertain exactly what their needs are so that he can best determine how to fill them. His love to all sports gives him a unique understanding of what the client is looking for to ultimately achieve their dream.

Zeev brings an enthusiastic approach and works with his clients closely with a great effort to help his clients with their professional opportunities. Zeev is very responsible with working with his clients on day-to-day issues which helps keep his clients organized and focused. Zeev is known for his 24 hour availability, enthusiasm and dedication to his clients and the sports Business field.

With Zeev, you get a manager that is not only looking for the best interest of the athlete, but is invested in implementing a long term game plan so that an athlete accomplishes financial success for their future.

Zeev is married to Mili Goldansky �with 3 children and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Our Services:

  • Personal Attention and Consultation before, during and after a professional career.
  • Contacts to many international Teams and Leagues worldwide.
  • Signature athlete representation.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Financial counselling.
  • The keys to success for MG Sports Management are our ability to market effectively, creating an unmatched atmosphere where future professional athletes will feel comfortable with their representation, with hiring qualified / certified and knowledgeable staff to assist in effectively managing a player career through retirement.

In addition providing Athletic Highlights Video Clips production - for more details go to MG Video Clips.

Clients List:

Clients List will be provided upon request - please contact:

Zeev Goldansky


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Skype: ZeevMili

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